Suraj Kamath


Take, my friend, take what you will,
I don’t need much for myself.
What did I work so hard for?
Only so that I could have something to give away.
Now you say you want nothing,
Then so be it, I shall wait
Till you tire of what life can give you,
And you search for what it has taken away.

Take, my brother, but have a care,
I'm not made of stone yet,
Be gentle, and take for your need,
Your greed I cannot withstand,
Though I have been greedy myself.
I too wanted to drink life to the last drop,
And I ran when I found that it drank me,
But I do not wish to run away any more.

Take, my love, even though I may be hurt,
That hurt is my blessing, and its understanding is my life,
But in your eagerness do not betray yourself,
Learn from the mistakes I made.
Someday, I will hold the pain in the palm of my hand,
And I will become like the sea from which life grew.
Then you may take from me and I will not lessen.
Forgive me, but I cannot be that today.
And if there are times when I must go away from you,
In fear that there will be no more of me if I stay.
I will return when I have defeated that little fear.
As I always will, haven't I always before?
Trust me, and know that I'll always be here..

-suraj kamath
( The basic facts are that I'm 24, an engineer, likely to be unemployed within 3 months, only
marginally tolerant of authority, deemed by most to have fallen off the tightrope into the realm
of insanity sometime around 2001. I read like crazy, do some meditation, work out intermittently,
have an eclectic taste in music, and have been writing on and off the last few years.
That, I hope, will be enough for an introduction. :)
Homepage : http://surajkamath.blogspot.com

Manjiri Desai

The feel of muddy earth

The feel of muddy earth embraced by rain,
passing by of the first morning train
parched soul of the soul mate waiting to refresh
feelings that one can only once express...

Heartbeats of the child in mother's bosom
the first rays of the morning sun
the start of each day ending into the night
a refreshing dinner in the moonlight.

Beautiful breeze blowing up to a storm
peeling those thoughts already torn
and the tapping of rain on the roof
binding two minds seeming aloof.

Sound of the sea at eventide
spread of those waters seeming wide
feel of the newly churned coast
and a surprising evening toast.

Feel of his hand over my waist
and that brief contour of his taste
shine of love in his eyes or
those fake wanton lies.

Beauty of the rays of the setting sun
and that of rising emotion
that haste to bind two hearts together
in the wild wild coastal weather...

- manjiri desai (Manu)

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