Suraj Kamath


Take, my friend, take what you will,
I don’t need much for myself.
What did I work so hard for?
Only so that I could have something to give away.
Now you say you want nothing,
Then so be it, I shall wait
Till you tire of what life can give you,
And you search for what it has taken away.

Take, my brother, but have a care,
I'm not made of stone yet,
Be gentle, and take for your need,
Your greed I cannot withstand,
Though I have been greedy myself.
I too wanted to drink life to the last drop,
And I ran when I found that it drank me,
But I do not wish to run away any more.

Take, my love, even though I may be hurt,
That hurt is my blessing, and its understanding is my life,
But in your eagerness do not betray yourself,
Learn from the mistakes I made.
Someday, I will hold the pain in the palm of my hand,
And I will become like the sea from which life grew.
Then you may take from me and I will not lessen.
Forgive me, but I cannot be that today.
And if there are times when I must go away from you,
In fear that there will be no more of me if I stay.
I will return when I have defeated that little fear.
As I always will, haven't I always before?
Trust me, and know that I'll always be here..

-suraj kamath
( The basic facts are that I'm 24, an engineer, likely to be unemployed within 3 months, only
marginally tolerant of authority, deemed by most to have fallen off the tightrope into the realm
of insanity sometime around 2001. I read like crazy, do some meditation, work out intermittently,
have an eclectic taste in music, and have been writing on and off the last few years.
That, I hope, will be enough for an introduction. :)
Homepage : http://surajkamath.blogspot.com


At 1:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

G Hi, Suraj, Liked your Poem, saw it for the first time. It shows pain, angst, growth, humility and humaneness. Good


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