Charuta. K / suman datta


It was a full moon night .. the moon looked quite solemn but beautiful.
During my late evening walk,
I couldn’t resist the temptation of looking up at the sky every other minute. Somehow, somewhere I felt a tinge of loneliness...a sorrow lingering in my heart,
even though I had my near and dear ones around me that evening.
Slowly, without me noticing it, a small teardrop made its way over my cheek.
It was a moment of mixed feelings. In the depths of my heart I was grieving
all that I had lost in my life. At the same time I knew life was much more beautiful than I could ever appreciate.
The moon was all alone in the sky with no stars shinning along . Still its loneliness looked beautiful and mind grasping to me. I realized the beauty in solitude and no longer felt the tinge of grief. I could feel myself reaching for my inner self and it was one of the most peaceful moments of my life.
It was a full moon night… and the moon kept shining brightly.

Charuta. K

On His Regaining Eyesight

That blade of grass,quivering in the cool morning air,
it filled my eyes with a joy ethereal.
I gazed at it, and then I found I couldn't hear
the breeze whisper as it brushed past
and while I used to say 'the grass is soft',
I learned to say 'the grass is green'.
I saw the flowers- red,violet and yellow
bathing in the heart-warming light
but alas! I couldn't hear them say 'hello'
as I used to even some days ago.
I roamed solitary in the garden
as I used to do days ago
and I said 'beg your pardon?'
and yet couldn't hear their voices low.
Thus, with joy and sorrow, was my flight
from the world of 'sounds' to the world of 'sight'.

suman datta


At 1:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great work charu...
lookin forward to more from u...


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