Zuvelu Dozo

My colours

An awareness is realized;
That my shades are slightly contrasting from the rest in the large canvas.
A rebel backing my own terms,
And so retorting to the rigid routine,
I requite a desire,
Born from a remembrance that nature ushered serenity.

Look! The daisies.
Do you perceive any beauty in them?
They smile gleefully as water sprinkles on their lithe petals
Bubbling water,
Excitedly gushes out from the mouth of a fading tube,
Which slithers idly on the solemn ground.

The unimportant daisies has unveiled a wonder,
The smell of the crude brown soil awakening my senses to another miracle too,
Like now as I water them;
The daisies,
I am alive,
Beauty befalls my spirit.

Deep within I am aware that my hues are a little off- beat;
For all around me are in a hurry,
Yet time makes no sense any more,
And my restless heart is calmed,
As I commune with mother Earth,
And marvel at her splendor.

-Zuvelu Dozo

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