Nikesh Murali

Tonight I feel lonely

Tonight I feel lonely,
Feel the night's chilling arms
torturing my soul with its cold fingers.

My eyes search for comfort in the night sky
From where the chill descends
And conspires with the blades of grass
underneath my feet.

Tonight I feel abandoned,
Lost in a dream that is bitter like winter.
I do not see snow on the trees
Or white carpets on the streets
I cannot hear the harsh moans of the wind
Or the crackling complaints from the fireplace
It must be poverty? Or is it lonesomeness?

I rub my hands together,

The sound wakes me
And in its warmth, I seek relief.

-nikesh murali


At 10:39 PM, Anonymous nitin said...

nicely worded...i hav had the feeling several times...it all came back to me


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